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Holiday Shoot-out

Contributed by: Ohio North Coast


Description of program: It's our annual holiday party. It's a very casual social gathering that is paired up with a mystery photo shoot. At the party, you are given a fixed amount of time to shoot several mystery objects. We have judges to decide the winners.


How many people were needed to produce the meeting, and what were their tasks?
3 people: one to handle the emails, RSVPs, and check-in; one to secure the food and mystery objects; and one person to bounce around and help out where needed.


Describe the type of location needed for the meeting.
Member's studio, with the ability to have a social area and a "behind closed doors" shooting area.


Break down the costs associated with putting on this type of meeting.
Food -- we usually do a little extra since it's for our members. Say $150-$350, depending on attendance. We also give our two judges a $50 gift (judges are not members).


Describe the attendance and the fee structure used for this meeting.
Approximately 20-25 people attended. Fees: $5.00 Members; $10.00 Guests.


What was done to market or publicize the meeting?
Email promotions to members


Was this a public meeting or a chapter only meeting?
Open to members only and their guests


Is there anything else we should know about this meeting and why it was so successful?
Everyone that attends has a great time.