Crucial for SEO: A Good Title Tag


Using our last chance to get you ready for tomorrows (Tuesday, Sept 17th) seminar, “SEO Essentials: Helping Clients Find Your Photography Business Online” with Blake Discher, we wanted to give you one more blog post from him. If you haven’t already, be sure to register here: and we hope to see you at 6pm for a social time, 7pm for the seminar. The address is bellow:

Gato Gallery, Thompson Building, 2nd Floor, Barry University
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Miami Shores, FL 33161

Written by search engine optimization consultant Blake J. Discher.

“One of the basics in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the content of a website’s TITLE tag which end up being displayed in the top-most bar of a browser window when someone is looking at your site. The tag is given significant weight by search engines in their effort to figure out exactly what a site is about.

Sounds super simple and you might think everyone already knows this, but as I speak to photographers around the country about SEO, I notice quite a lot of studio names (such as “XYZ Studio”) or the photographer’s own name (such as “John Smith”) in the tag.

Unless your name is nationally recognized by photo buyers, you’d be better off thinking about what keyword phrase potential clients would use to find a photographer that produces work such as you create. So for example, your TITLE tag might better consist of “Seattle Editorial Photographer John Smith.” Place the most important keywords toward the left of the sentence. About eight to ten words is good.

It is important to make certain your TITLE matches your page content, the “Description” META tag actually describes what on the page, and is unique for that specific page.

Good luck!”



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