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  • Underwater

Since 1999, Jim Hellemn has been creating underwater images of extreme proportion, using specialized lighting and digital imaging to capture wide seascapes in a way never before possible, preserving the vivid colors of the reef in stunning detail. His life size image of Bloody Bay Wall in the Cayman Islands (National Geographic Magazine October 2001, Portrait of a Coral Reef) is a nearly 2 gigapixel photocomposite of over 300 individual frames that can be displayed in photo quality at life size - 20 ft high and over 65 ft wide. Jim has since produced several more extreme resolution landscapes in the Caribbean, Sulu Sea and Celebes Sea.

In 2006 he was commissioned to produce a 72 ft high underwater image to be rendered in tiny Italian glass tiles on the side of a four story building in the Camana Bay development in Grand Cayman. His current work focuses on creating underwater landscapes from the hotspots of marine biodiversity around the world.