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Refreshing the Web

In the spirit of the upcoming redesign of the ASMP's Web site, we recently queried the membership to learn about photographers who have recently launched or refreshed their Web sites.


The responses flowed in, with links received from over 250 photographers. There were many stories about increased business resulting from a redesign, or engaging features that show the latest bells and whistles of some photographers' online business presence. A small selection of images from these sites were featured in the portfolio section of the Fall 2008 ASMP Bulletin, and run as general illustrations throughout the issue.


The full list of photographers who responded to our call can be viewed here, complete with links to their Web sites. For a current sense of the diverse imagery and wide range of possibilities that the Web has to offer, we invite you to visit all 256 links.


Name Web site
Al Ferreira
Amanda Dahlgren
Andrew Wander
Andy's Camera
Anne C. Savage
Anne Hamersky
Anne W. Rosenfeld
Antonio Mari
April Pishna,
Aram Williams
Barbara Boissevain
Barry Rosenthal
Ben Marchio
Benjamin Kende
Benjamin Mendlowitz
Beth Schneider
Billy Delfs
Bjorn Kavanaugh
Bob Ayre Photo Tours
Bob Woodward
Brad Feinknopf
Brandon Sawaya
Brian A. Vikander
Brian Palmer
Bruce Wise
Cade Martin
Casey Templeton
Cathy Kelly
Celeste Giuliano
Celia Pearson
Chad Weckler
Charles Bush
Charles Callaghan
Chip Allen
Chris Hamilton Photography
Christina Kiffney
Christina Wehbe
Christopher Brown
Claudia Schechter
Clifton Geisler
Craig Kohlruss
Curt Bean
Dave Bullock
David Brabyn
David Caldwell
David Emberling
David Lawrence
David Miller
Deborah Jaffe
Debra Bronson
Derek DiLuzio
Derek Dudek
Diane DiRoberto
Dick Durrance
Didrik Johnck
Dirk Anschütz
Don Pickard www.tcpinsurance
Don Putnam
Doug Plummer
E. Paul Dimalanta
Ed Cunicelli
Ed Massery
Ed Taylor
Edward Gajdel
Emily Hagopian
Eric Schwabel
Erin Chruscheil
Ethel Jimenez
Frank DiMarco
Frank McMahon
Frank Rogozienski
Frank Rosenstein
Gary Bartholomew
Gene Meadows
Geoffrey Gross
George Long
George Matthews
Giorgio Niro
Glenn Favre
Howard Korn
Howard Schatz
Ian Spanier
Ivan Feerman,
J.D. Small
Jacque Rubin
Jake Wyman
James Cavanaugh
James Gill
James O'Rear
James Scherzi
Jamie Rector,,
Jamie Williams
Janis Miglavs
Jason Heller
Jason Lindsey
Jason Tinacci,
Jay Flynn
Jeff DeLaCruz
Jeff Ross
Jeff Schultz
Jennifer Polixenni
Jenny Ruley
Jessica L. George
Jim Blecha
Jim Bryant
Jim Caccavo
Jim Linna
Jim Raycroft
Joe Longo
Joe Scarnici
John Beckett
John Derryberry
John Griffin
John Hill
John Loy
John MacLean
John Trotto
John Welsh,
John West
Jon Marshall
Jonathan D. Woods
Jordan Duvall
Joy Marie
Julie Shipman
Kaitrin Miller
Karina Wang
Keith Slagerman
Ken Missbrenner
Ken Reid
Kent Hwang
Kent Smith
Kevin Neil Kent
Kim Bachman
Kirk Tuck
Kristen Walther
Kyle George
Larry Carver
Larry Gatz
Laura Lamando
Lauren Fuller
Laurent Cavalie
Lawrence Lau
Lee Balgerman
Leland Bobbe
Liz Manning
Lon Atkinson
Lou Manna
Luc Asbury
Luis Castañeda
Lutz P. Kayser
Manuel Pecina
Marc Altman
Marc Soracco
Mark Johnson
Mark Skalny
Mark Steele
Mark Turner
Martha Retallick
Mary L Peachin
Matthew Gilson
Max deCherchi
Maximo Tejada
Michael A Foley
Michael Baxter
Michael Bullis
Michael Clark
Michael Clinard
Michael DeYoung
Michael Haug
Michael Myers
Michael Robinson
Michael Rubenstein
Michael Scott Berman
Michael Weschler
Michelle Kawka
Mike Arzt
Miles Boone
Morton Beebe
Narayan Mahon
Neil Cowley
Nicolai Froehlich
Nicolo Sertorio
Nik S. Clements
OG (Oscar Garcia),
Pascal Depuhl
Pat Bourque
Patrick Dixon
Patrick L. Pfister
Paul Chauncey
Paul Kline
Paul S. Bartholomew,
Paul Trantow
Peter Ash Lee
Peter Distefano
Peter Kulupka
Peter Murphy
Peter Panayiotou
Peter Treiber
Phil Jackson
Rebecca Drobis
Rémy Poinot
Rich Lasalle
Rick Madsen
Rob Lang,,
Robert Mihovil
Robert Rathe
Ron Nicolaysen
Ron Sherman
Ronald Greene
Rosanne Olson
Russ Schleipman
Ryan Nelson
Sam Gonzale
Sarah Edwards
Scott Dickerson
Scott G Toepfer
Scott Lessing
Scott Markewitz
Scott Shepard
Sergio Burani
Shayne Lynn
Sheri O'Neal
Sherry L. Brukbacher
Sherry Macdonald
Stacy H. Geiken
Stan Kaady
Stanley Leary
Stephanie Dianne Ganey
Stephen Fofanoff
Steve Bloch
Steve Thornton
Steven C. Robertson
Steven E. Gross
Steven McBride
Steven Meckler
Stretch Ledford
Teri Campbell,
Thomas M. Barwick
Thomas Wiewandt
Timothy Park
Todd Dacquisto
Tom Emerson
Tom Kieren
Tom Sperduto
Tony Triolo
Trevor Brown
Walter P. Calahan
Wayne Wallace,
Wendy Cooper
Wendy Whittemore
Will Hart
William E. Enos
William Milner
William Rivelli
Zac Clark