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Multimedia and Video: New Opportunities for the Still Photographer

An ASMP member with 14 years of experience in video and multimedia work, Gail Mooney provides the following list of resources and links that she compiled for recent presentations she has made on this subject with fellow ASMP member and multimedia specialist Paula Lerner.


Video Links and Resources

CreativeCow — tutorials, forums, info

Tech news, product reviews, many forums


Apple Discussions


2 Pop Forums — forum, info

Tech forums


DV Info — forum, info
Digital video forums


Digital Juice — tutorials, info, products (backgrounds, effects, music)
DV Product info, tips


Digital Juice Forums — forum

DV tech forums


Future Media Concepts — training and seminars
DV training


DV Info — information
DV, HD, and P2 Articles, Forums


DVX Users — forum, info
DV filmmakers forums, product reviews


Mashable Video Toolbox — forums, social networking
Resources and tools


Web TV Wire — info and networking

Video-for-web basics


MediaStorm — Multimedia Journalism online
Online documentaries and multi media stories


LifestyleTelevision — online lifestyle magazine/tv


Digital Journalist — online articles, information
Dirk Halstead’s resource for the digital journalist


Platypus Theater


Web Video Basics
From the University of Texas


Ken Stone — information, tutorials
Independent Video Info and Tips


DV Magazine — online magazine
Digital Video tech info


Web Video Outlets
List of webvid sites that pay for content


VisualHub — Universal video converter for Mac


Michael Rosenblum’s blog — Michael is a visionary in videojournalism


Travel Channel — also has travel channel academy courses


Newspaper Video — Chuck Fadely’s Blog
Chuck is a videojournalist


Sites that host video:


Video Forums:


Search Engines for audio and video content:


Other useful links: — information — training online