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Merit Member Meghan Petersen

Web site:
Current location/For how long: Brooklyn, 2 1/2 years.
School/Degree received: RIT, BFA in Advertising Photography

© Meghan Petersen
All photos © Meghan Petersen

Recent Clients: The Advocate, Time Out NY, Australian Marie Claire

How long have you been working professionally?

Since I graduated from college.

What has been your favorite photographic assignment or project to date?

Probably getting the opportunity to photograph Carson Kressley for the Advocate — for most of my assignments I show up at a location and take a portrait, but for this assignment I got to be a lot more creative and put together the shot I wanted to make.

© Meghan Petersen

What has been your most challenging photographic assignment or project to date?

There was one assignment where the subject did not want to be photographed and was very belligerent about it — that proved to be challenging!

© Meghan Petersen

Please describe any special photographic projects or assignments in which you are currently engaged.

I am currently working on a family history project, both photographing members of my family that I know about and researching into my genealogy and finding other branches of the family. It’s been interesting seeing where that takes me.

What is your greatest photographic aspiration?

To be able to make a living at something I love doing — anything else is a bonus!

© Meghan Petersen

What is your primary source of news about the photography industry?

Other photographers and photo assistants.

In your opinion, what is the most critical issue affecting photographers today?

Losing rights over images that you made. Many publications are imposing pretty far-reaching contracts with not enough payment to make up for what they are asking.

© Meghan Petersen

Were you aware of the ASMP before receiving a Merit Membership?


Since receiving your Merit Membership, have you taken advantage of any of the resources, services or discounts that ASMP offers to members?

Not yet.

© Meghan Petersen

Do you participate in any of the existing ASMP specialty groups or listservs? If so, which ones?

I used to subscribe to the proAdvice yahoo group, but didn’t find it to be particularly useful.

Do you belong to other photographic associations or online groups?


© Meghan Petersen

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your Merit Membership in the ASMP?

I’m not really sure what I would consider being the most valuable aspect.

Is there any particular resource or information that you would like to see ASMP implement as an added service to the members?

Mostly, more events to reach out to the younger photography community. The events I went to tended to be an older crowd — myself and others I have gone with have felt out of place.

© Meghan Petersen