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Merit Member Garrett Hubbard

Web site:
Current location/For how long: Washington, D.C. area, 8 months
School/Degree received: University of California Santa Barbara 2002, BA in Economics with an emphasis in Accounting; Brooks Institute of Photography 2004, AA in Visual Journalism.

© Garrett Hubbard
All photos © Garrett Hubbard

Recent awards or distinctions: First (2x) & second (3x) place NPPA Region 6 Monthly Clip Contest (2006 & 2007); Second place TV Feature Reporting 2007 Sunshine State Awards.
Recent Clients: Video Journalist — USA TODAY, The New York Times, The Washington Post, World Vision.

How long have you been working professionally?

2 years.

© Garrett Hubbard

What has been your favorite photographic assignment or project to date?

My favorite assignment has without a doubt been a story I did while I was an intern at The Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch in 2006. I had the opportunity to come into the center of a family as they struggled, prayed, and persevered through their son’s cancer and the operation that was supposed to leave him without his left leg at the age of 22. I quickly became part of their lives. I cried with them, prayed with them, and lived life with them. I stayed in their lives long after I left Columbus, and I feel so privileged to come into their lives at a strategic point and witness a miracle as the doctors saved his leg. The story ran lead on A1 with two whole color pages inside. It was the first time I’ve ever had anyone tell me I was an angel sent to them. Opportunities like this, to gain instant access into someone’s life and be a witness to their story and be a blessing to them, are why I am a visual storyteller.

© Garrett Hubbard

What has been your most challenging photographic assignment or project to date?

The story above. It cost me a lot emotionally to engage with this family and with their son Michael. He married after his successful surgery and, less than one year later, died as the cancer came back. In his short life he encouraged so many, and I feel privileged to say I was one of the lives touched by Michael Minton.

© Garrett Hubbard

Please describe any special photographic projects or assignments in which you are currently engaged.

I cannot discuss much that has not been published with my projects at USA TODAY. However, I am beginning a video and photo project of a very rural group of people that I am so excited about. We’ll see how much they trust me and how much access I gain.

© Garrett Hubbard

What is your greatest photographic aspiration?

The goal of my work is to challenge, encourage, and spur people on journey toward God. This journey begins with the heart. I believe that a visual story can penetrate our seemingly walled-off hearts and can be a catalyst toward healing. Forcing us to ask the “why” questions in life instead of being consumed by the “how” questions we become focused on.

© Garrett Hubbard

What is your primary source of news about the photography industry?


In your opinion, what is the most critical issue affecting photographers today?

Good business practices, ethics in photojournalism, how to remain relevant in a society transfixed by youth, gossip, and celebrity.

© Garrett Hubbard

Were you aware of the ASMP before receiving a Merit Membership?


Since receiving your Merit Membership, have you taken advantage of any of the resources, services or discounts that ASMP offers to members?


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Do you participate in any of the existing ASMP specialty groups or listservs?

D.C. mailing list.

Do you belong to other photographic associations or online groups?


© Garrett Hubbard

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your Merit Membership in the ASMP?

Haven’t taken advantage of this yet.

© Garrett Hubbard