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Merit Member Candace Feit

Web site:
Current location/For how long: Dakar, Senegal, since January 2005, and most likely for another year or two.
School/Degree received: BA in Philosophy and Mathematics, St. John’s College Annapolis, MD.

© Candace Feit
All photos © Candace Feit

Recent Clients: The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune and Sunday Magazine, Redwood Publishing, Save the Children UK, LA Times, Associated Press, Reuters.

How long have you been working professionally?

A little over 3 years.

What has been your favorite photographic assignment or project to date?

One of my favorite assignments so far was going to Timbuktu, Mali, to photograph a story on the restoration of ancient manuscripts there. It was such a stark, beautiful landscape, and to go to a place that was just steeped in this kind of mystical history was great. It was such a mellow place as well — definitely a change from a lot of projects and assignments where people are resistant to talking or being photographed.

© Candace Feit

What has been your most challenging photographic assignment or project to date?

The most challenging project, or really, place to work to date, has been in Darfur. It can be a tough place in general insofar as the logistics of getting from place to place can be extremely complicated. But one of the biggest challenges working there is the frustration of the huge amount of downtime you can have waiting for permits and authorization. A week or more of not really being able to work, yet needing to actually be in the country. It’s a fascinating place and in general the people are some of the most welcoming I’ve met — but just jumping through all of the hoops in order to be able to work can be tough.

Please describe any special photographic projects or assignments in which you are currently engaged.

I’m in the process of starting a project on maternal mortality in Africa. A lot of my energy so far has been focused on news and more contained stories, but I feel as though I really need something longer-term to grow a bit more and really dedicate my energies into broader projects that I am truly passionate about. I’ve been shooting mostly medium format film for the past few months, which I’m planning on dedicating more time to.

© Candace Feit

What is your greatest photographic aspiration?

To keep growing and shooting a wider variety of subjects and stories.

What is your primary source of news about the photography industry?

I read a lot of photo blogs and when there’s time I read things like and check out and

In your opinion, what is the most critical issue affecting photographers today?

The most critical issue affecting photographers today is figuring out how best to sustain and showcase their work, and continue to make work when it seems like photographers are making less and less money. What is happening now with photo agencies struggling and closing has a huge effect on photographer, as does the issue of fair payment for images being distributed by the big agencies.

© Candace Feit

Were you aware of the ASMP before receiving a Merit Membership?

Yes, I was definitely aware of the ASMP before receiving my Merit Membership — and was happy to see you guys at the workshop!

Since receiving your Merit Membership, have you taken advantage of any of the resources, services or discounts that ASMP offers to members?

Living overseas, I unfortunately haven’t been able to attend any workshops or seminars since joining. But I check the ASMP Web site often and use a lot of the resources there — especially the industry links. So, not yet, but I hope to be able to at least attend an event next time I am in NY.

© Candace Feit

Do you participate in any of the existing ASMP specialty groups or listservs?

Not yet!

Do you belong to other photographic associations or online groups?

NPPA and APAD (a photo a day).

What do you consider to be the most valuable aspect of your Merit Membership in the ASMP?

The collected resources made available to members, the connection to other photographers and the seminars.

© Candace Feit

Is there any particular resource or information that you would like to see ASMP implement as an added service to the members?

An updated list of photographer grants and fellowships.