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January 2015 Board Minutes

ASMP So FL Board Meeting Minutes 



Board of Directors In Attendance: 

1. Sandy Levy

2. Tom Salyer 

3. Deborah Gray Mitchell

4. Vincent deVries

5. Gonzalo Villota- Treasurer

6. Jim Eisele – Social Media/Website

Officers Absent: Michael Cushman – Secretary (called in)


OFFICERS UPDATES: Pascal Dephul will participate as an event Chair when the opportunity & his schedule allows.

MEETING CHAIR: Deborah Gray Mitchell


Guests: Dan Forer, Pascal Dephul


Financial Report: by Gonzalo Villota


There are no pending transactions nor outstanding obligations besides the 

storage payments ($35.44) that are now monthly debited directly from the 

chapters account and the bank monthly service fee ($17).

Gonzalo has given Deborah Costco gift cards with a balance of $300.00 to fund refreshments for the upcoming events.


Deborah made a motion to appoint James Eisele as acting interim Vice President until formal elections can be organized.

Vincent DeVries seconded the motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.


Deborah made a motion to appoint Vincent DeVries as acting interim President until formal elections can be organized.

Sandy Levy seconded the motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.


Vincent made a motion to purchase ASMP Books and other materials needed with a maximum expense of $200. 

Tom seconded this motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.

Vincent will place order with National 


Deborah made a motion to develop a budget for event expenses for 2015 calendar year. 

Vincent seconded this motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.

James & Gonzalo will work on this between now and the next board meeting 


Deborah made a motion to allow Treasurer to use personal discression investing National voucher funds nearing expiration should there be no clear directive from the board . 

Vincent seconded this motion. Final Vote: All Directors were in favor.


Topic Discussed: Survey

Gonzalo has volunteered to issue a Survey to the entire membership of ASMP South Florida, with questions provided by the members of the board, to help better understand the needs and desires of the membership, in an effort to better address them going forward.


Topic Discussed: Satellite Meetings

All Directors & guest members support the idea of producing events in remote metro areas 50+ outside the Miami /Ft. Lauderdale metro area. James will be targeting possible venues in the West Palm Beach area who may be willing to act as host for “Pints & Pixels” local social events for members. The goal is to hold a pilot event in early March to gauge response & participation. James has volunteered to chair the event, and there are no plans for an event speaker. This will be casual, social, local.


Topic Discussed: February Meeting/Event

Pascal presented the board with information on the Rosh Sillars Event which he is chairing. It included:

*Background on the Speaker

*Discount levels for members and students

*Event prizes by various sponsors

*date / time / location / logistics / costs


Topic Discussed: Exploring Suitable Platforms for Virtual Board Meetings

Currently the physical distance between the board members is 150+ miles From Northern Palm Beach County to Southwest Miami/Dade County. James and Vincent will look into the pros and cons of various platforms currently available to determine which (if any) would be a good fit for conducting several of the monthly board meetings online (Adobe Connect, Vokle, Citrix, and others) yet “face to face”. Findings to be discussed at next board meeting.


Topic Discussed: Elections

It is time for Chapter elections. James has volunteered to contact National regarding the setup of an online secure voting system that all Professional and Life Members will be able to vote via internet. Once that system is in the works, the board shall issue a call for candidates, followed by elections per protocol of National.


Team Participants: All Board Members & Member Volunteers

Event Date if Applicable: ONGOING

Brief description of Project: Send in your ideas for new programs, including relevant events by other organizations & companies who are already producing programs or events. ASMP SFL will provide support through promotion to our members and non-member in our roster plus volunteers. 

Current Stage: ONGOING Effort

CALL TO ACTION by Board Members: Please keep your eyes open for programs you personally are interested in and programs events we can partner with