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Board Minutes November 2011

Call to Order at 7:42 pm November 15th, 2011 at Sid Hoeltzell Studio, Miami, FL.


Attendees: Jorge Parra, Matthew Pace, Sandy Levy, Scherley Busch, Tom Salyer, Robert Stolpe, Kate Benson, Aaron Ansarov, Steven Martine; Sid Hoeltzell, Mark Vacker, Cindy Seip.  


Treasurer’s Report – We have around $900 in the bank. Processing credit cards for fees a thought. Options are Citibank credit card processing through National or using Square. Need to calculate different costs of each. Tom to do further research with Peter Dyson through ASMP National. 

Board Management: 2012 Board changes in March 2012. Aaron Ansarov, new President. Treasurer and Secretary are also positions changing hands. Members of the board can’t miss more than 2 meetings a year. New board members will train with existing board members by working with them. We need a President, Secretary and Treasurer to comply with National ASMP. We need 2/3 Board vote for quorum at preferably Board meeting but may consider telephone conference or “Official Call to Vote” in Yahoo Groups. 


Membership Report: Current membership 250-265 members. Board Goal to increase participation from members at events and grow regular and student membership.


November 10th University of Miami Student Forum was a big success. Hope to build more student membership and hold additional school forums. 


The Light of Florida Project: A brief history of the 4 year Light of Florida project was presented. Information about China exhibition and recent Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale was presented. 


Key West Light of Florida Show February 2nd to February 14th at The Studios At Key West ( ) room for 60 plus prints, already have 40 prints printed. Need to get 20 more (one print per person unless not enough submissions are made). Everyone exhibiting will be responsible for a fee of around $60 that covers printing new prints, aluminum stripping for hanging. (see for examples or see at Paul Morris show this Saturday at 7pm at 12345 W. Dixie Hwy, Miami, FL). We are under deadline to get image submissions in by November 30th. Jorge and Antoine created flyer posted on yahoo groups.


Aaron is creating an email blast for member’s bullet pointing the costs, benefits, and information for the show. ASMP SFL Board needs a consistent PR writer or  PR writer team. Sid will print new prints on Epson Exhibition Fiber Paper 24x30. Prints that hang on the wall will be marked with a red dot when they sell and then the photo purchased will be printed and shipped to the buyer. Photos that hang on the wall not for purchase but for additional exhibits or eventual return to the artist (a benefit of the $60 fee). Gallery takes 40% commission; ASMP SFL takes 10% commission with remaining 50% commission going to the artist. Any extra money goes to ASMP SFL account for future travelling exhibition use (possibly to fund a Light of Florida book to sell at the gallery as well).


Contract with Gallery will be amended to clarify a clause about 3rd party printing. Sid has the ability to print new prints for orders in 24 hours. Shipping and handling charges will be passed on from gallery to customers. Print selling price is $500 per print. 


Accommodations for members to help hang the show and the visit the show will hopefully be covered between Aaron’s ability to rent a townhouse on the Military base for $90/night (with whoever wanting to sleep there welcome with an extra $10/night/head over 2 people). Michael Phillips (our member living in Key West) helping to place people through his connections. Michael should easily accommodate 4 guests. Captions to next to the artist’s images were also discussed. A QR Code for exhibit will be created to direct people back to ASMP website for further information about Light of Florida Images and creators.


Light of Florida Book Project: Two versions are a high quality press run and a My Publisher print on demand or short runs. High Quality costs could be anywhere between 60k-80k if printed in the USA or 12K if printed in China. Need to have someone look into costs with printing. “My Publisher” options for short run printing. Further discussion needed concerning layout needed. Cindy offered to do Layout if Sandy Levy contact is unavailable. 


Education/ Seminars: November 28th reschedule for Brian Smith Art & Soul author/photographer presentation. Looking into venue to host (Barry U, Art Institute, Cocowalk Theater ($250 cost), or Science Museum). Barry U preferred. 


Michael Phillips book signing November 18th at Miami Book Fair.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15 PM