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Board minutes - August 2011


After some socializing and after we all killed our diets, Board meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

Sid introduced two gentlemen with whom he as is a Mac Certified guru and the other is a first-rate digital tech.  If anyone has either a computer problem or needs a great digital tech, please contact Sid for more information.

In attendance were:

Jorge Parra, Paul Morris, Tom Salyer, Matt Pace, Ron Glazer, Robert Stolpe, Sid Hoeltzell, Scherley Busch, and Sandy Levy
Absent: Cindy Seip, Terry Townsend

Tom reports that we have $1077.27 in our treasury.  There was some discussion and it was determined that we need to find sponsorship  for future events or we will not have sufficient funds to continue with what we would like to do this year.

Ron Glazer is our Sponsorship Chairman and Ron passed out a sample letter that we can provide to prospective sponsors.  Ron asked for additions and corrections to his letter.  Ron also passed out a lit of the types of sponsorships that the Professional Photographer's Guild of Florida uses.

Light of Florida:  A discussion followed about mounting of prints for the Key West show.  We agreed that a different method of displaying the prints will be needed.  We can use from about 20-40 more prints and we will first try to get hi rez files from the previously submitted images.  Then if necessary, perhaps a call for more images.  We agreed that the  images need to be reviewed to determine the suitability for inclusion in LOF.

Sid expects to be able to get some form of sponsorship for the Key West show from Bacardi in the form of liquor.

Robert brought up a discussion of both Meetup and ShootMiami.  We are considering these to help publicize our events.  A discussion followed about the Canon Explorers of Light and as before, we need to guarantee Canon that we will have at least 100 attendees at those events.  This has been a problem in the past for us.  Discussion followed about perhaps teaming up with the Kendall Camera Club or other camera clubs to invite them to help boost attendance at the Explorer of Light events.

There will be Tech Event at the Art Institute on Sept. 9 and the chapter will participate.  Discussion followed.

We then discussed sponsorship in greater detail.  We will be sending out an email to our membership requesting that everyone try to let us know of potential sponsors.

Discussion followed about both a printed form and a pdf online form that we can use to recruit sponsors.  We decided that we could use both an online form as well as a tri-fold printed form.  Sid knows of a printer that can print these for us in small quantities at a reasonable cost.

Sandy was asked to see if our LOF logo designer, Martin Lopez would be willing to design a sponsorship tri-fold for us.

We discussed the possibility of having a social event in Sept.  Several venues were suggested, include Luna Star.  No final decision was reached.

Sandy needed to leave the meeting at about 9:15 .

Chapter Agenda:

the events for the last quarter 2011 were discussed and detailed. Most of them are already confirmed.

In September:

1-The Chapter will participate in a local trade show, created by the Arts Institute, the very first Expo-Tech Show will occur in Sept 9th, a full day event. ASMP SFL will participate with a booth and will showcase the Light of Florida Slide Show and distribute freebies, documentation, books,etc, in an attempt to build stronger relationships with the local businesses

2- A Social meet and greet event, involving ASMP SFL and other Photographers Organizations will be held on late September. THe idea is to foster camaraderie and links with the community. Some groups may team up to finance large scale events or bringing top names in photography.

In October: Starting Oct the 5th, A series of online educational seminars (webinars) will be available for free to all members, called  "The Future of Arts and Commerce", regarding relevant legal matters that are key elements in our business. Dates will be announced on a blast email.

October Seminar in Miami: Blake Discher, National ASMP Board, will bring to Miami his seminar on sales, negotiation  tools, etc. Date confirmed is October 13th.

By end of October ASMP will team up with Flashes of Hope, a non profit organization, to run photo shootings for kids under their care.

November: Agenda is to be confirmed.

There is one confirmed ASMP seminar for January 18th and the Key west Exhibition of the Light of Florid Projct will open doors on Feb 2012 too.

Lastly, it is mandatory to start looking for new Leadership for the Chapter. To this effect, there is a commitment to run elections in the CHapter, as both the current President and Vice President will no longer hold their tittles, and their term ends up in March 2012.

Board meeting was adjourned at 9:25 pm.