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April 2015 Board minutes

ASMP Board Meeting April 9th, 2015

Miami Ad School

571 NW 28th St.

Miami, FL 33127

Members in attendance- Deborah Gray Mitchell, Vincent Devires, Michael Cushman,

Dan Forer, Tom Salyer, Sandy Levy, James Eisele (joined in later)

Start of meeting- 3:45pm in video classroom.

Treasurer’s reportMembership


of events-

3:45pm- Social event recap- For future events, our ASMP site is now setup to be able to

register event attendees. We will no longer be using EventBrite for events. Also credit card

processing can be completed through our website.

3:50pm- Vincent and Sandy are to introduce Brian Smith at the event tonight (4-09-2015). There

was an informal decision to Introduce past presidents in attendance, current board members in

attendance. Announce a thank you to the Miami Ad School, Ginny Dixon, Capture Integration

(for the sponsorship), and Chris Snipes.

1. For future events we need to make sure someone brings a printed attendee list (Miami Ad

School is a paperless school and couldn’t print it for us)

2. We need to make sure we have sufficient change at events, allowing us to break up larger

bills at the registration table provided by cash paying attendees.

3. Possibly have a better way to handle checking into the event, we had a few people slip

through while the check in line backed up last night.

4:00pm- Due to recent events, Deborah changed the settings on the Facebook page, wall posts

will now need to be approved by an administrator, to restrict junk from being posted on the wall.

When the permissions were changed, it unlinked the chapters website, Jim needs to be given

permission to be an administrator to re-link the Facebook to the chapters website.

Boosting event posts on Facebook- Dan Forer made a motion to allow a budget to boost event

posts by our chapter up to a total of $50, to possibly get more attendees at future ASMP South

Florida events. Sandy Levy Seconded the motion, all member in attendance in favor.

4:10pm- Vincent had received an email from a makeup artist wondering if our chapter had a

crew list for local talent. Would it be possible to add or create a new site, or restart the South

Florida Find a Photographer website to promote our members? If restarting the old site, it can be

supported by allowing companies to display ads on the site along with a featured member


1. Gonzalo- are we still paying for the domain from the old site, and the Light of Florida


2. Jim- Can we add a module to the current website that would take care of crew and talent?

Or start the old site back up and include crew and talent. Re-link the social media to the

website once administrator approval has been reinstated.

4:20pm- Direct Mail Campaign- Possibility of promoting our members to art buyers, art

directors, and designers in the area our chapter covers with excess funds at the end of the year. It

could possibly work out to be another possible member benefit and maybe even quarterly

mailings. Washington D.C. chapter did this recently. With digital “junk” mail growing daily who

actually reads every email. With a snail mail campaign we could get our members exposure with

more of a chance of our material being seen. More will have to be discussed at another meeting.

4:25pm-Social Event- Invite art buyers, art directors, editors, agencies to a social event hosted

by ASMP, and limit to only members attending the event. Food and drinks to be served.

-Possible time frame- May or June.

-Possible locations- Luna Star café- Tom to call

Lazer Net Studios

Ace Props Miami

-Possible ideas- Speed dating, Pints & Pixels, print books/ Ipads artist dependent, intimate

interviews or large projections on 3 walls, “voting” boxes, etc.

Even maybe a few art directors come to speak/ critique our work and give insight on what they

desire when looking for content.

4:45pm- Pints and Pixels Satellite North- Jim to start promoting the Pints & Pixels North event

at Bar Louie on Clematis Street, April 28th

, 2015. Prospective artwork was shown.

4:50pm- Summer Event- Deborah Gray Mitchell and Nancy Brown could create an event

showing the photos from their travels in July. More to be discussed at the next meeting.

5:00pm- Elections- Send out an email blast with a call for nominations and set a cutoff date. If

no nominations are received then the current board will continue on, if there are nominations we

will hold an election. In the same email put in a call for new faces wishing to help out on the

board. We should also think about putting a limit in place on the number of board members

allowed at one time, if there is not a limit currently.

5:10pm- Credit card reader- The chapter should look into getting a card reader for at events.

Square has a free reader that we can link to the chapters account. The current credit card

processing through the ASMP site takes a few weeks to get to us, the Square deposits in a few

days and would be more efficient. Currently we have to make people stand to the side and pay on

the website then show us, hindering registration efficiency to the various events.

End of meeting- 5:18pm

Next meeting agenda-

1. Retouch on crew and talent portion of website

2. Direct mail campaign

3. Restart Light of Florida- didn’t really touch on this meeting.

4. Deborah and Nancy summer event

5. Elections

6. Credit card device