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Everything is Energy

Xiaoyang (Daisy) Wang: Team Beijing

Team led by Shannon Fagan

Project Essay:

When I started to see the project Energy, I immediately thought of a series of energy-related things — this was my first impression. I wrote down the names of all these things and then started thinking about the relationships between them. How do I put them together by some means to link them? This is how I came up with the entire project idea.

From that idea, I began to prepare for my shoot. I photographed a lot of different power outlets and that type of object, with the idea to put the power outlet, power cord and the other things in life together like a variety of plants. Beyond just shooting this work, I think these kinds of pictures may also need post-processing with Photoshop. But instead of spending a lot of time working in post, I will try to use straightforward methods to express the creativity that I most want to convey in this work.

“Incandescent lamps and leaf”
All images in this article © Xiaoyang Wang

“Incandescent lamps and power”

“Outlet and leaf”