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Everything is Energy

Kittipit Tritanon: Team Thailand

Team led by Dennie Cody and D.K Khattiya

Project Essay: My Body, My Energy

I want to look like Larry Fitzgerald, an American football player. He is my idol. The problem is I am a small person. I guess I was born with a faster metabolism than others. I eat a lot and exercise regularly but I still don’t have what other sports players have…the body.

Two months ago I decided to increase my muscle mass by lifting weights and using weight machines. It is definitely a resistance exercise. By doing so, I have learned a lot about the energy my body can produce. I have learned to eat healthy food that boosts my energy the right way. I have learned to discipline myself. I feel a lot stronger and happier.

I know it is unlikely that I will end up looking like Larry Fitzgerald but I will be a healthier person with lots of energy.

Creative Brief:

I will focus my photography on my physical development as I concentrate on developing my physique and the expenditure of energy required to do so. I am a small person and want to increase my physical size. I would like other small people to share my journey and to see the amount of energy required to bring about physical change. I will present my work in black and white as I like that style.

“My physique has been the focus of my photo essay and this is where I start.”
All images in this article © Kittipit Tritanon

“My physical development has required me to expend large amount of energy to acheive my goals of improving my body.”

“My physique has improved through the expenditure of energy in my workouts over the last two months.”