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Everything is Energy

Antonia Spagnoletti: Team Glasgow

Team led by Elaine Livingstone and Erin Moroney

Project Essay: Rebirth

Energy is an abstract thought; the word alone is ambiguous in meaning. At its core energy is a force that encompasses the past, present and future. It has either been spent, in the process of being expelled or on the cusp of it. In this project I wanted to explore these ideals and specifically those within the realms of nature. Throughout time, life on earth repeats itself again and again. Organisms grow, live and then die, this energy however is never lost, the life then decomposes into the ground and the whole cycle begins again. A major contributor in this process is light. As I began to think of how these two can be combined I remembered a well-loved childhood toy I once had, the Kaleidoscope. Forever changing and evolving into something new, the kaleidoscope would, at a turn, change the shape or pattern of the illuminated colored glass inside. Like in life, each action has a counter reaction. Through my imagery, I have attempted to recreate the pleasure of this childhood toy and the similar properties it clearly holds with energy itself.

Creative Brief: Initial Statement

Energy can be so many different things, to many different people. I feel the most important factor for me, regarding the brief, is to capture the essence of energy within the imagery, whatever the subject matter may end up being. My initial thoughts are dance, movement, kinetic, desire. The idea of slowing down the time and movement within an image, to allow a contemplative appreciation of the energy present, is something that interests me. This could be landscape, this could be portrait, whatever it may be, I’m open and prepared to explore the possibilities of where the brief may take me.

Inspiration: Ori Gersht/ Rear Window series, Hiroshi Sugimoto/ Seascapes/ lightning Fields, Jessica Helene Greaves/ A Land/ An Odyssey, Aaron Gustafon/ California dad/ 5x4 Freefall Series, David Eustace/ Scottish Ballet Portraits

Approach: Shooting predominately at dusk (and on occasion dawn) in an attempt to capture the sky when it is at its most interesting light.

Playing with slow shutter speeds and also physically moving the camera during shooting, sometimes attempting both practices simultaneously. As well as altering the focus considerably, so it creates a dreamlike quality.

All images in this article © Antonia Spagnoletti

For more about Antonia Spagnoletti and her photography, visit her Project Research Blog: