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Everything is Energy

Simone Paz: Team Los Angeles

Team led by Jeff Burke and Cat Jimenez

Project Essay:

In my work, I explore the contradictions of the seen and the unseen by comparing our inner thoughts to our outer reality. I am particularly interested in making work that deconstructs the characters we have created throughout our lives, that which we have taken on as our own and perceive to be the truth of who we are.

With this project, I am interested in exploring the evidence of energetic movement that inherently exists in all of us. Each human life is shaped by a series of thoughts and experiences through time, and as we propel forward into our lives, these experiences are contained entirely by the memory. The inner (thoughts and memories) informs the outer (physical body and actions) thereby constructing the character of who we think we are.

During an eight-minute exposure, each subject explores their entire lifetime by recalling their most cherished memories, most difficult experiences and most intimate emotions. By documenting each subject’s physical responses to these formative memories and events, we can know the individual fully, both the inner and the outer, and see their entire life all at once. The resulting photographs serve as the visual evidence of the character that remains, a synthesis of memories and thoughts through the energetic process of time.

Creative Brief:

Name and Date: Visible Thinking, August 2011

Subject/Theme: Exploration of the evidence of energetic movement in building a character. The individual as a synthesis of memories and thoughts through the process of time.

Target Audience: Fine art.

What is the single most important outcome: I am interested in opening up the conversation about who we really are, as well as learning about myself through the exploration of my own and others’ characters.

What is your shooting style/approach and why: Portraits of individuals recalling/remembering the formative events in their life including, memories, thoughts, people, places and so on. The events that have had a profound effect on the character that they have become.

Additional Information: The list of each individual’s specific events, memories and thoughts are included as the title of every portrait.

“Chicken legs, Creedmore, jail, Shirley, jumpsuit, Simone, sheet music, Colombia, Joshua Tree”
All images in this article © Simone Paz

“Sharon, meeting Frank, abuelita, 28, leaving, fear, Michael”

“Interview, last night, Polly, Ugla, 7/11, mirror, yoga”

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