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Everything is Energy

Joslyn Bussow: Team Denver

Team led by EJ Carr and Dan Schrock

Project Essay: At Water’s Edge

Energy is something that can’t always be seen or touched with the eager hand, it’s masked behind a costume sewn with mystery and laced with constant presence. Energy can flow through a human’s veins, pounding and beating with the heart as one. Energy is also hidden within the whisper of the wind, a chuckle of an old man’s laughter, even in the roar of cars cutting through a bustling city. Energy can’t be bound by one specific mold; it breaks free with its enticing fingers to touch upon anything that is possible, present and unseen.

I believe that the human soul and the soul of the earth, sun and water are connected together as one, like a lung craving the taste of brisk air or roots slithering through the moist soil of the earth. The earth, sun and water have a soul that is free and untamed, without chains that mimic the human soul.

As I was shooting, I noticed I was being drawn to, or even seduced by, water and the way it flowed playfully and blanketed around the human figure like an aura or a cellophane armor. My curiosity also led me to notice how water creates a diverse personality; it can be smooth and calm, caressing over a human or be vibrant and rebellious, with a fist of waves. I was interested in the way humans react to water, so innocently and freely, melting together and creating a unified energy.

My three photographs show the hidden fixation and desire between the soul of water and the soul of a human. Throughout my photographs there is a connection between water and the human heartbeat. When mixed together they create a spicy tango, dancing to the beat of an icy water’s kiss upon the heat of human skin.

Creative Brief: The Naturalistic Soul, July 8, 2011

What is the subject/theme:
What is the soul? Are the soul of the Earth, Sun, Water and Human synchronous? There is a natural energy of the soul of Earth, Sun, Water and Human. There is a universal energetic soul.

What is the purpose of this project:
There is a thread that connects everything together.

Target audience, who are you talking to:
We want to reach people who are confined to an urban lifestyle and have never seen Mother Nature. They don’t live near a park or even a tree planted next to a park bench. They also do not have access to transportation that could take them to a park. They currently do not have any connection to Mother Nature.

What is the single most important outcome:
We want people living an urban lifestyle to appreciate Mother Nature, to become in tune with Mother Nature and to ultimately realize that Mother Nature has a soul, just like them.

What is your shooting style/approach and why:
We are going to shoot our model subject in a fluid medium such as water and give the final photographs a monochromatic feel.

Our Shooting Schedule:
July 9-10: determine a shooting schedule that will work for both photographers and the model.

Our Mentor Meeting Schedule:
July 22, 11am-1pm: e-mail at least one photograph to mentors before this meeting. Bring at least one photograph to share with mentors and the other mentee.
August 4, 11am-1pm: e-mail at least one photograph to mentors before this meeting. Bring at least one photograph to share with mentors and the other mentee.
August 15, 11am-1pm: FINAL IMAGE SELECTION

“A Touch Of Hydration”
All images in this article © Joslyn Bussow

“Ocean’s Thirst”

“Water’s Laughter”