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Answering Adversity

Jared Rube, Team Rochester
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Communities across the nation are facing a major economic crisis. Some are taking action and fighting against this terrible time with shovels, rakes and fertilizer. They are starting a new trend of community gardens. Community gardens are the new watering holes for neighborhoods. They are popping up everywhere from the urban landscape to the expansive suburbs surrounding the city. The gardens are a place where people gather and form relationships in this tough time.

In Rochester, New York, on a once empty urban plot in South Wedge, a community garden is developing into an ever popular way to grow fresh produce. Citizens of this city are saving money, becoming healthier and most importantly coming together as a community by building these gardens.

Community gardens provide many health benefits. According to the Community Food Security Coalition, health benefits include nutrition, exercise and mental health. Families who normally eat at fast food establishments now harvest their own vegetables. They are then empowered to use their own produce to make salads and side dishes rather than consume fatty foods. Occasionally families who grow too much of one thing donate their vegetables to family, or other growers within their community garden.

The final and most important part of the community garden is the idea of becoming a united neighborhood and working together through these tough times. Both parents and children are able to work through stress in their own respective ways. Both are able to communicate their problems and work through them together. Support is a highly important device in solving problems. In developing a community garden, support is inherently raised because of daily contact with other individuals. People are able to form friendships and new contacts to improve their everyday life.

These community gardens have become an integral part of Rochester, New York. The gardens have already improved the lives of people not only economically but socially. Their benefits are obvious and are being replicated across the country.

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