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Answering Adversity

Sabra Roybal, Team Santa Fe
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Family Endurance

During the current recession, the Griego household has strengthened their family’s unification while enduring the challenges of our economy. Having had a dream to open a business, four years ago John Griego quit his job to build a better life for his family. Once the crisis began, this family lost everything. Forced to move into a smaller home, they made some changes to their lifestyle to cut back on spending.

John returned to the job market and received a new position with less compensation and no benefits. Financial difficulties led him to obtain a second job working the graveyard shift. While John is faced with a twenty-hour day, his wife Teresa works the graveyard shift, caring for the elderly. As she struggles to maintain her household containing seven adult children, she developed an interest in photography and now earns extra money by photographing portraits. In addition to work, she watches her five year old grandson, saving the family thousands of dollars in child care.

For further savings, the family no longer eats out and gets together on Sunday evenings for dinner, games, and to watch a DVD. These dinners usually consist of substantial meals that will last longer in order for busy family members to eat leftovers. These lifestyle changes have forced this family to become a stronger nuclear unit. Despite their hectic schedules, they spend more time together participating in activities and maintaining the household as a family.

As this family continues to withstand the pressures of this recession, which has helped strengthen their bond, they share their strength and endurance with their community and others that are in need of it. In spite of their struggles to survive, they continue to find time and resources to provide for less fortunate communities through their church and other organizations.

In spite of this family’s struggle to survive during these hard economics times, they continue to find time and resources to provide help through their church and their community, to less fortunate individuals and communities. Their involvement has grown as the need for financial and emotional support has increased. The Griego family continues to withstand the pressures and stress of this recession, which strengthens their family bond and in return for their blessings, they share that strength and endurance with their community and others that are in need of it.

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