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Answering Adversity

Olmo Reverter, Team London
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It is those who are least to blame for economic disaster who first feel its effects. Figures for such abstract concepts as actualized GDP growth, sovereign debt and market expos mean little to most people. But with the government forking out £500 billion in bailouts and stimulus packages, one has to wonder where the money has all gone? Better yet, how will it be repaid and by whom?

As British society begins to feel the strain of “austerity measures” the top earners appear to be entirely unaffected and continuing as they always have.

There is a bizarre, yet definite humor to be found in the absurd indulgences of the rich especially during this time of crisis. Two years ago, Icarus looked to have crashed to Earth in hail of toxic debt, but now he takes a helicopter to work in Canary wharf while the ordinary workers take a bus or train far below.

Amid the challenges, life goes on. Money may not buy happiness but it can purchase a better class of distraction. It’s this fact that informs the central idea of my project.

The disparities between the richest and the majority of society can be seen in every facet of life; work, food, transportation, recreation and even pets are some thing that we all turn to for solace but in very different ways.

With a series of diptychs that contrast aspects of everyday life seen from the perspective of the most and least advantaged in the capital, I aim to humorously highlight divisions in wealth and the growing divide.

© Olmo Reverter
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© Olmo Reverter

© Olmo Reverter