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Answering Adversity

Emily Pummill, Team Columbus

Refined by Fire

Adversity can be found in a moment or a lifetime. For Jessica and her two daughters, trials are a part of life. They have developed character and strength in the midst of it all. I hope to share Jessica’s uplifting answer to adversity to encourage others. She feels if at least one person becomes inspired to overcome adversity after learning her story, then the journey will have purpose. Jessica was a battered wife to a man addicted to drugs. After losing one child to violence during pregnancy, she was blessed to have two beautiful girls. Escaping the life she was bound to in California, she traveled across the country to find peace. The three girls were in and out of two homeless shelters but found their way to a home in Ohio. They developed a strong support group in a church and experienced love as a replacement for grief. After 4 years of estrangement, the girl’s dad reconnected with them last year just before he passed away. To them he is not another addict but through grace, they cherish and remember him.

“We are not defined by what has happened, but what has happened helps define us,”Jessica further explains. “Without the experience I had with my ex-husband, I wouldn’t have believed in God and wouldn’t have known that His love and grace exist. That is what has carried me through. Without that love and grace, I wouldn’t have my girls.”

Together they look back on forgiveness. They look up and see love. They look forward with hope. Their family has truly been refined by fire.

© Emily Pummill
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© Emily Pummill

© Emily Pummill