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Answering Adversity

Renee Peck, Team San Francisco
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I am intrigued with the idea of images that contain a double meaning. Dark and light depicted in a single frame. Long exposures of water show a more revealing view of a substance that is in a constant state of motion and evolution. Water can represent a beginning or an end; rebirth or suicide. I am fascinated with the idea of symbolic death. The death of a phase in life, or of a way of thinking or being in the world.

My experience in this tumultuous time, when what will happen next feels uncertain, has been one of duality. Fluctuating between being overwhelmed to the point of immobilization to being ecstatic, staring out at the vast expanse of possibilities that lay before me, waiting to be seized. I graduated from the Academy of Art in December, with my Masters in photography, and entered into an economy in which people with far more experience are struggling to find employment. This has made my own prospects feel quite daunting at times. However, being an unemployed artist has given me a considerable amount of time to create new work, and dwell in self-reflection. In the midst of what has been a dark and challenging time in my life, I continue to see great opportunities on my horizon. I am focusing on ways to turn opportunity into reality through my photography, and it propels me forward. By taking a more introspective, conceptual, and highly personal approach to this project it is my objective to engage the viewer on an emotional level, and allow them the space to reflect on their own state of mind in this current moment.

© Renee Peck
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© Renee Peck

© Renee Peck