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Answering Adversity

Ashley Conde, Team Dallas
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A Rough Truth

When I first took on the challenge of this project, I begin to think about how I could incorporate some of what I have been dealing with in my own life, and little did I know this experience would help me to overcome some of these struggles. I decided that I wanted to find someone who felt similar to how I was feeling at this point in my life, but through his or her own circumstances.

So, I met Eric Oliver Jr. This is his story. Eric, like others, is dealing with life, and overcoming adversity in his own way. In my opinion, adversity doesn’t have to be drastic to be life altering, so I wanted to show the subtlety in realizing what that can actually mean to someone. I didn’t want to show what I thought was the extreme or obvious. What someone goes through may seem unimportant to me, but may change his or her life. Maybe we eventually learn how to overcome what life may bring and maybe we don’t. Sometimes we don’t have any time to react, we just have to keep moving forward even if we don’t know where that may be. This is living. There is simplicity in moving forward, being aware of our situation(s), and learning from what we have gone through.

I hope that through Eric’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions someone can relate.

© Ashley Conde
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© Ashley Conde

© Ashley Conde